What Is Variable Data, and Why Do I Need It?

In email marketing campaigns, few tools are more effective than the power of personalization. Recipients are more likely to open an email piece directly addressed to them. But this goes well beyond emails, and even direct mail campaigns. You can and should personalize your journals, notebooks, and other office or marketing collateral. And our variable data has made this easier than ever! We’ve found that variable data helps your pieces stand out, and helps you break through the clutter many marketers struggle to breach.

What is Variable Data?

Variable data combines the affordability of digital print with mass personalization. Using this technology, you can alter text, images, or graphics from one piece to the next without delay. This means you don’t have to design a separate option per name or use expensive tools just to add a name to a marketing piece.

All you have to do is give us the information you’d like on your marketing pieces. Then, we’ll create it for you.

Why Personalization?

As we mentioned above, people like receiving mail directed to them. It feels more relatable and personal to have a marketer or sales person know your name already. Some people reason, “If they know that, what else would they already know about me? Would they be able to meet my needs? Will they offer me the products or services I’m looking for, and not just the same deal they’re giving everyone else?” Therefore, personalization as a marketing piece can only be a benefit to you in your business.

Plus, personalizing personal items at work can have several benefits. Printing a name on an employee’s notebook or journal can help them identify it at a glance, or even keep their personal notes secure. Variable data with images also lets you put your logo on any journal or docupad, helping to strengthen your brand and your company culture. If you’re looking for a stellar reason to deliver personalized office collateral to your teammates, good company culture can be it.

Tektured Journals

A couple of years ago, we created custom designed journals using our HP Indigo digital printers. These we distributed to our clients and sales prospects, to much acclaim. Since then, we’ve only kept pushing the limit, reaching into new fields where we can use variable data.

Our HP Indigo can handle any amount of variable data. No matter the size of your print run, we’ll finish it without a hitch.



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